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Meet Angie Avard Turner, ESQ

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Entrepreneur, Creative, IP Attorney, Writer, Designer, Wife, Mom, and now, Blogger!

Angie In New York City during the August Gift Show at a French restaurant facing Rockefeller Plaza

So this feels a little weird, if I am being honest. I usually write about other people and other subjects, anything besides myself. If I could job this post out to someone else, I think I gladly would. However, who knows oneself better than oneself, right? Obviously, as I continue to post, readers will continue to learn about me through my writing, but here are some things that may not be immediately apparent to those who don't know me. So here goes!

1. I am a Believer: Hopefully, this is obvious when you meet me, but if not, I'll set the record straight. I believe in #Jesus. I believe in Him and His saving grace. My belief in Him affects and colors how I work and interact with others. I believe having a personal relationship with Him allows me to be the best version of me and that He will direct my path and purpose. Some of my favorite #Bible verses are Hebrews 11:1; Romans 5:3-5; Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 53:5; Isaiah 40:31; Philippians 4:8, and Jeremiah 29:11.

2. I am a #family person: It's real simple. I love my family. I love my husband, who I've known since we were both 5 years old (that's a post for another day). I love my children and all of their phases, stages, developments, ups, down, and ins and outs. Each one adds a spice to life that makes it worth taking a bite out of!

3. I am an introvert: Often people mistake this quality as something else that is less than desirable. It has been a situation that I have dealt with my entire life. I am not the life of the party, and I am not the person working a room full of people. I am the one having a one-on-one conversation or observing intently.

4. I am approachable: This one kind of goes with #3, too. I have often been told "you are so nice once you get to know you." Thanks, I think. Because of that whole introvert thing in #3, I think people think I am not approachable. I actually prefer for someone to come up to me than me to go to them. Other times, I have been told "you are not like other attorneys I know." I get that there is a perception out there, real or imagined, that attorneys are not approachable and that they are condescending. Okay, I do know some of those folks, but for the most part we attorneys are just regular people. Some may be a little more stressed out than the average person, but still, just regular folks.

5. I am an idea person: I love to learn, therefore I love to think. I like to come up with what could be. I love to help others see what could be for their businesses, their products, their services, and their life.

6. I am a creator: I am constantly thinking of new designs, new patterns, and new products for our other company, Camellia-Creative. Before that I was the #designer and product development director for our #stationery and #gift company, Hype Strype. It comes very naturally, and I can come up with, literally, 50-100 designs in just a few hours if left alone with all of the necessary information and tools. That used to bother me, but now I lean into it. I know it's not me, it's a #God thing. So now I roll with it!

7. I am a hybrid: No, I am fully human, but I am half #Southern and half Northern. I know, crazy, huh? My mother is from Alabama, and my father is from Boston, Massachusetts. There's a lot I could say about the cultural differences of these two regions, but I believe that, too, is a post for another day.

8. I am a reader: If I could just have a few more hours in the day, I would read. Seriously, I love to read. I don't always have a lot of time, but I have at least one book going at one time. I am not picky; the book just needs to be good!

9. I am a listener: I like to listen to others. I like to hear their stories and learn about the path they have been on. I also like to #encourage. So many times, I hear others apologize, maybe unknowingly, for not being more. I hear that, but I do not listen to that. We are all enough, and we are all worthy. The End.

10. I am a loyal follower: As evidenced by #3, #4, and #9, I am loyal. I am your friend to the end, do or die, we are in this thing for the long haul. My children always tease me that if you want to know the truth,"ask Mom." Guilty. I will tell you the truth to your face, but I will always have your back in a pinch.

11. I have a strong sense of justice: I do not like to see someone treated badly. I don't like to see the results of bullies, mean girls, or know-it-alls. I am for the underdog probably 99% of the time. I am pulling for the one who doesn't stand a chance, the one that everyone says is gonna lose. Isn't that all of us at some point in our life, if we are being honest?

12. The catch all: I love dark chocolate, #Diet Coke, any shade of green, #Disney with all my children, #Auburn football, tennis, travel, and #coffee flavored drinks! That about sums it up!

Until next time, continue to create while seeking #gracious counsel to #bloom and #grow.

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