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Deep Dive Dialogue in Historic Savannah, Georgia

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

L to R: Angie Avard Turner, Laura Mixon Camacho, and Carrie Mixon Peeples

The idea came pretty quickly. I had just attended The Southern C Summit for the fourth time. Incidentally, if you have not been to that event, you should go. It is fantastic- no detail left unattended to! The #networking and casual discussion I, and others, had had at the conference were great, but before we knew it they were done. The conference was over. We wanted to dive deeper. I quickly contacted Dr. Laura Mixon Camacho (The Mixonian Institute) and Carrie Mixon Peeples (NeatSmart); yes, they are sisters! They are so #smart, #creative, and talented, too. I explained that I wanted a sort of accountability meets troubleshooting meets growing business relationships, and they were ALL IN!

We quickly decided #Savannah, Georgia would be where would be Deep Dive first. We began visioning and planning. It really was so easy and fast the way our plan came together. Our goal was to keep things small and intimate; we wanted to focus on the quality of the connections and interactions rather than the quantity. Of course, each has its place in building a business!

Historic Savannah, Georgia

We had a total of 10 of us present. After the first person had their turn, I think we knew we were on to something! By the end of the day, we had dove deep into the creative businesses of all who had attended. Collectively, we learned of new resources, contacts, business practices, and tools. We had actionable goals, suggestions on how to approach an issue from several new perspectives, and lots of encouragement and support. What else could a creative ask for??

A repeat! So please stay tuned; as I feel sure we will be doing this again in the future! We would love for you to join us!

L to R: Angie, Carrie, Julie, Danielle, Mandy, Kim, Laura, Marge, and Jill (missing from picture Nancy)

Until next time, continue to create while seeking #gracious counsel to #bloom and #grow.

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