Who is this contract template for?

This contract is for a visual artist who wishes to license their work to another company—whether it is ongoing, for a short period of time, or a one-shot deal.


What are the important items it will cover? (This list is not exhaustive; it just hits some of the highlights)

  • Summary of the items to be licensed
  • Payment terms and payment schedule, including dates and amounts (flat fee, royalties)
  • Your obligations as the visual artist/licensor and company/licensee
  • Language regarding protection of intellectual property
  • Scope of License
  • Termination of contract
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Section regarding any amendments or addendums to the contract
  • Section regarding the law that governs the contract


When will I receive this document?

Once you have made payment, you should receive your contract template in your email.  The email that you use during checkout is the email that it will be delivered to, so make sure that is the correct email.


Where will the contract template be delivered?

It will be delivered to the email you used to make the purchase.  The link will be live for 30 days, so make sure you download the contract template before the 30 days lapses.


Why do I need this?

The purpose of this agreement is to protect both you, as the visual artist  and the company wishing to license your work.  Often visual artists' works  are licensed, and there is simply a verbal exchange and payment made, or a very skeletal agreement.  There may be something written on paper that symbolizes an agreement, however it does not cover all of the bases. This agreement covers  a lot!


How will this document be delivered to me?

  • You will receive a Word version of the document.  That you may edit and fill in. Also, this version of Word allows you to save as a PDF if needed or desired.


  • Within the document there will be highlighted sections.  These sections will be fill-in-the-blank where you can customize your contract template to suit your specific needs.

Visual Arts--- Licensing Agreement

  • .Docx Files

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    Please Read: We do not send  alternate versions of the contract be. Compatibility and accessibility is the purchaser's responsibility.

  • Please read below and the Full Terms of Use before purchasing.


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